Value of HERWINGT solutions



  1. a) Mature composite manufacturing processes built on epoxy-based resins and autoclave curing. 
    b) Integration of components through solid solutions.
  2. Usage Structural Health Monitoring based on flights data
  3. Bleed-based ice protection systems reducing engine efficiency and adding piping and system weight
  4. Conventional multi-rib concept
  5. Conventional high lift and control surfaces
  6. Isolated Systems from the structure
  7. No Load alleviation



The added value of the HERWINGT product


  1. Out-of-autoclave solutions based on dry fiber and liquid epoxy resin infusion or thermoplastic high-performance prepreg with in situ consolidation permit more flexible, cost and environmentally efficient processes with higher integration and structural efficiency
  2. Structural health monitoring is based on precise sensors of the structure (detecting guided Lamb waves, strain, deformation, distortion) enabling detection of unforeseen events and accidental damage so as damage characterization enables condition-based maintenance approach damage tolerance criteria relaxation potential for composites structures.
  3. More efficient Inductive ice protection system avoiding bleeding and piping
  4. Multi-spar concept to increase bending stiffness in the outer wing to avoid aeroelastic issues of conventional structural architecture.
  5. Morphing high lift and control surface for increased wing efficiency