Asociación de Industria Navarra

Asociación de Industria Navarra (AIN) is a multisectorial non-profit technology centre founded in 1963, through its specialized knowledge in management and technology, promotes collaboration and improves the competitive status of the industry and the environment. Its objective is to be a guide in the development and improvement of the competitiveness of industrial companies in Navarra, mainly about issues related to digital transformation and sustainability. For that purpose, AIN is organized in four activity areas: Surface Technology and Advanced Materials, Industrial Development, Consulting and Training Services. The Advanced Materials division integrates 10 researchers working on different projects focused on the development of new materials through the application of the sustainable chemistry, nanotechnology and biotechnology and the development of functional coatings. 

Role in HERWINGT: 

AIN, as a participant of the Work Package 6.2., is focused on the development of an ice protection system of the wing based on magnetic induction principle. Its main activities are related to surface treatments applied to composite panels, including the analysis and formulation of nanocomposites in order to define the best one that will allow the induction heating of the composite particles. In consequence, AIN also participates in the Work Package 7: “Demonstrators”.