Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.

Established in 1975, the Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. (HAI) is one of the major state-owned defense companies in Greece. HAI, is located 65Km N.W. from Athens, with a capacity of covered area 200k sq.m. Its highly operational industrial capability is organized by dedicated production centers geared to deliver high performance quality services and products in a diversified range of activities, including: 

  • Aircraft and engine MRO, Development, design, manufacturing and after sales support of aircraft products, 
  • Aerostructures manufacturing and assembly, 
  • Technical training in a wide range of defense and aerospace industry skills, 
  • Repair and Calibration of precision measuring devices and generally production equipment. 

All the aforementioned operations are fully supported by quality assurance and control, marketing, training, engineering and research & development. The Engineering, Research and New Products Development Directorate will be involved in HERWINGT project in the following activities: 

WP 3.2 
• Participation of DMU creation for CWB Leading Edge composite demonstrator. 

WP 3.3 
• Design activities related to detail design of CWB leading edge composite demonstrator & design of relevant tools. 
• Simulation & Optimization activities related to CWB leading edge composite demonstrator. 

WP 4.1 
• Development of LRI process related to the integration of hybrid sandwich prepreg / LRI construction concept (baseline configuration) for the leading edge (LE) of center wing box. 
• Development of the respective tooling for the implementation of the above LRI process. 

WP 7.1 
In respect to the central wing demonstrator (span approx. 2.4m) HAI contribution is intended as follows (in cooperation with IAI): 
• Manufacturing of the necessary tooling and respective demo trials at specimen level. 
• Manufacturing & Testing activities at coupon level related to the characterization of materials used for the manufacturing of the final demo parts. 
• Layup & curing tooling manufacturing for the LE demonstrator (baseline configuration). 
• Manufacturing of other necessary tools for trimming / drilling / fixtures for the final LE demo parts integration. 
• Manufacturing of the final LE demonstrator part (baseline configuration) including the relevant ribs. 

In respect to the outer wing demonstrator (span approx.. 3.2m) HAI contribution is intended as follows (in cooperation with LDO): 
• Manufacturing of the closure ribs (root rib & tip rib) out of metallic materials (Al Alloy). 
• Manufacturing of the necessary layup & curing tools (3-4 tools) for the fabrication of the internal ribs to be manufactured by composite thermoplastic materials. 
• Manufacturing of the Layup & curing tool for the curing of the skin panel and the necessary mandrels for the fabrication of the skin by LRI methodology. 
• Dummy LE structure (span approx. 3.2m) & TE structure (span approx.. 1.2m) by metallic materials (Al Alloy).