IKERLAN is the leading technology centre in Spain in the field of Power Electronics. IKERLAN is specialist in the multidisciplinary design (electrical, mechanical, and thermal) and development of Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) power electronic converters. IKERLAN has a strong experience on high-efficiency DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and AC/DC rectifiers, conventional and multilevel topologies and volume-optimized configurations based on several cooling technologies (forced air, liquid, heat pipes), for energy applications (PV and Wind Power converters), for transportation applications (railway, bus EV, elevators, and aircraft) and home applications (electromagnetic induction heating). IKERLAN collaborates closely with industrial companies on the comprehensive development of new products. These activities are complemented with the research on high-efficiency and high-power density converters based on advanced topologies and modulation techniques (soft switching) and new semiconductors (SiC and GaN). In addition to that, IKERLAN is highly skilled in the design, prototyping and validation of inductances and power transformers for power electronic converters, induction heating systems and inductive power transfer systems. 

Within the HERWINGT Project IKERLAN will participate in the simulation and development of the integrated induction-based ice protection system for the wing.