ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES LTD (IAI) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has over 15,000 employees, operating in the aviation/aerospace field for almost 70 years. IAI has several divisions including, civil aviation, space, sea, land, and cyber. IAI has expertise and capabilities in all aspects of the development and production phase, from design, analysis, manufacture, assembly, testing, and certification of a wide range of airborne platforms.

IAI has been involved in over 70 EU R&D projects, at least 20 of them with direct relevance to this strategic topic (efficient composite manufacturing, SHM, NDT) such as TANGO, ALCAS, MAXIMUS, SARISTU, LOCOMACHS, EXTREME, OPTICOMS, ECOTECH and many more. 

IAI's infrastructure and facilities include composite clean rooms, automated composite layup equipment, dozens of different CNC machines, multiple hangars, business jet assembly line, full-scale ground test facilities, material allowable testing facilities, wind tunnel, and much more. All told, IAI has the facilities to perform all aspects of the process. 

IAI has experience, knowledge, and access to all design tools, including mastery of all industry-tested design and simulation software, including Catia, UGNX, Nastran/Patran/Apex, CFD, Adams, and more. IAI is considered a design authority.