MTorres is a global technology group, qualified in advanced technology to develop innovative, competitive and integral solutions to optimize industrial processes in high-tech sectors, focusing on process automation for equipment and tooling for production systems of Aerospace, Defence, and Space Customers. MTorres is committed to always provide its customers with a unique set of solutions that improve productivity and efficiency, so that together the solution developed delivers the best value to the program. 

MTorres specializes in the design, integration and support services of its industry leading composite equipment and tooling, assembly systems, metallic milling and part holding equipment, and offers turn-key tooling and engineering services, with transversal support and development on digital and industry 4.0 services. 

For over 45 years, MTorres has served over 650 customers which are represented in 70 countries. 

In the Herwingt project, MTorres will contribute its expertise in the design and manufacturing of light tooling, both for forming and for one-shot infusion (skin, stringers, spars and stiffeners in a single part) and curing of the prototypes. MTorres is a world leader in AFP machines, both for prepreg and dry material, with extensive experience in the latter material and will be responsible for the layup of the prototypes.