Siemens Digital Industries Software, is a leading high technology company, providing mechatronic simulation and test solutions in the automotive, aerospace and other mechanical industries. Being an associated member of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, Siemens is dedicated to support the European aviation industry for the ambitious leap towards sustainable aviation. 

Within the HERWINGT project, Siemens will, in collaboration with project partners, 

  1. develop solutions for the new simulation needs for the wing design of hybrid electric aircraft; 
  2. perform and support modelling and simulation activities of the structure and systems ; 
  3. support aerodynamic, electromagnetic, and thermal modelling and simulation activities; 
  4. support the manufacturing of the demonstrators by planning the manufacturing process for the more critical component, modeling the operations and related data collections required to ensure the right assembly with the expected quality, and so simulate in advance the manufacturing process; 
  5. and finally support wind tunnel testing with its measurement and data analysis systems.