The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology is the only research and education institute in the Netherlands dedicated to the aerospace engineering sector. In aeronautics, the faculty subjects range from aerodynamics and flight propulsion to structures and materials and from control and simulation to air transport and operations. In astronautics, topics include astrodynamics, space missions and space systems engineering. The faculty has more than 2,500 BSc and MSc students, more than 220 PhD candidates and more than 25 full professors supported by scientific staff. The Aeroacoustics Research Group is part of the Flight Physics and Technology Department (FPT). The aeroacoustics group focuses on the understanding of the physical mechanisms behind noise generation with the goal of designing innovative physics-based noise-reduction solutions. Additionally the group treats advanced and innovative aircraft configurations, propulsion integration, design methodologies, and novel propulsion concepts. The section addresses common challenges with the aim to devise forefront solutions for the aircraft industry that will lead to more sustainable aviation.