The HERWINGT project at the 13th EASN International Conference

Submitted on Mon, 10/02/2023 - 13:29

A session dedicated to the HERWINGT project was organized by the Dissemination and Communication team of the EASN-TIS for the 13th EASN International Conference. The session was realized on September 8 where the high-level goals of the project, along with the developed, game-changing technologies, were presented by the HERWINGT team. Leading experts and pioneers in the field provided insights structured in the following slots: 

⚙️Project overview: Building a pioneering wing design for a hybrid electric regional aircraft with a maximum capacity of 100 seats and a range of 500 km to 1000 km by Antonio Hernandez Martin and Sebastián Pellicer Sotomayor 
⚙️Structure Technologies by Ruben Tejerina Hernanz 
⚙️Manufacturing Technologies by Cristina Sánchez 
⚙️Systems integration Technologies by Juan Ponce Ruiz 
⚙️Aerodynamic Technologies by Sven Lanzan 

Stay tuned and subscribe to the HERWINGT YouTube channel for the upcoming season “Meet the Researchers” which is the first one of the HERWINGT video series 🎥